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Am Bahnhof 16
53757 Sankt Augustin


Telefon: +49 22 41 / 31 63-0
eMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other Software

Tube-measuring program

The tube-measuring program, FUTUREX TUBE, will rapidly and effectively measure tubes in any position and form, either with a touch probe or a laser tube-measuring fork. The range of functions include, among others, bend-angle measurement, length measurement, partial-tube measurement and linkage, as well as tube gauge measurement (negative form). Bend correction data for CNC tube bending machines guarantee convenient correction of lengths and bends.


DigiWin is based on many years of experience in model making and design work. It was created specifically for digitising, milling and marking assignments. DigiWin greatly simplifies the typical working procedure when recording and processing model data with a coordinate measuring machine. The scope of DigiWin functions ensures that point and cut data is rapidly recorded and that such data can be exported to, or imported from, CAD/CAM systems.




ZETT MESS offers comprehensive software solutions for the examination of free-form surfaces. The set-point/actual-value comparison of point clouds with CAD data is lucidly visualised and nominally indicated in measuring boxes.

Surface reconstruction

The ZETT MESS surface feedback programs can be used to import and filter point clouds for reverse engineering assignments and to generate surfaces automatically, but also manually in optimal quality.

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