Special applications



The AM-mobil can be positioned at any point of the entire measuring area by a specially modified lifting truck underneath the guide bar of the X-axis. This even makes the AM-mobil independent of a measuring plate so that it can be directly moved to the object to be measured. A special levelling device ensures that the machine can be quickly aligned at the point of operation. Precision roller bearings are used in the Y and Z-axis. The AM-mobil is available for manual operation or operation with a motor drive.

Digitising and milling

Next to tactile sensors, no-contact laser scanning methods – particularly for soft, sensitive surfaces such as clay models – are being increasingly used to digitise three-dimensional models on coordinate measuring machines. The digital data is processed by surface feedback into high-grade CAD surfaces as a basis for milling path generation. 3-axis, 3+2-axis or 5-axis milling paths can be generated for import into the ZETT MESS DigiWin software. The model does not have to be transported from the measuring machine to the milling machine for the milling work – a very time-consuming and cost-intensive process. Instead, the model can be milled in the same setup on the ZETT MESS horizontal arm machine, thereby implementing a CAD/CAM integration solution for the entire processing chain:

  • Digitising of free-form surfaces
  • Generation of surface data
  • Milling path generation when processing clay models
  • Milling on horizontal-arm measuring device
  • Data feedback into CAD design