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Am Bahnhof 16
53757 Sankt Augustin


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Articulated measuring arm

The ZETT MESS AMPG 6-axis articulated measuring arm is a transportable coordinate measuring machine. Its application range extends from quality and production control within production lines, to crash test measurements for measuring points that are not easily accessible and interior space measurements as well as scanning and digitising surfaces in the design area. The AMPG can be optionally fitted with a fixed probe, a touch trigger probe, a laser sensor or a tube measuring fork. Measured values are recorded either at the touch of a button or automatically for transfer to the computer.



To fulfil the differing demands regarding accuracy, flexibility and user friendliness, ZETT MESS is offering two AMPG versions, namely types AMPG-P (data sheet) and AMPG-S (data sheet).

AMPG-P is the precision version where special emphasis has been placed on the very highest standards of accuracy. An optional mouse for convenient software control can be incorporated in the front arm area. A pneumatic locking brake is another very beneficial optional feature of the AMPG-P. The measuring probe can be positioned at any reference point so that fixtures can then be aligned in relation to this point. With higher precision as AMPG-P+ (data sheet) available.

The smaller AMPG-S counterpart is a standard version that is perfectly sufficient for many applications. Both types have a standard measuring volume for a diameter of up to 3.6 m. Longer arm lengths are optionally available.


Features AMPG

* Time is saved and productivity boosted
* Portability reduces costs
* Product quality is improved
* Less finishing work and greatly reduced waste

* Flexible mounting facilities: Mounting base, tripod, magnetic base, sliding rail as the 7th axis
* Pneumatic locking brake
* Electric travel adjustment of the roller unit
* Mouse integrated in the front articulated area


To extend the AMPG measuring range ZETT MESS offers an optional 7th axis with precision linear guides depending on the type and with a measuring system, accuracy according to VDI/VDE 2617 per Meter approximately 10 - 20 µm. The position of the 7th axis is automatically integrated into the 3D coordinates of the measuring probe, thus enabling the user to concentrate fully on the given measuring assignment.

The AMPG is developed specifically for measuring assignments which require a high measure of flexibility. The AMPG Knick is made for extremely flat measurements in the interior room of big chassis, cabin or vehicles as well as overhead measurements.


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